Aviation security training

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Terms and conditions

1. General provisions
1.1. Validity of the rules. For the Buyer and the Seller these rules (hereinafter Rules), after the Buyer read and ticked the column ‘I read and agree with services terms and conditions”, are binding legal document that regulates the relationships between the Parties – rights, duties, responsibilities and payment conditions. The use of these services presupposes full and unconditional acceptance and the validity of each and every one of the General Terms. 
1.2. Order form and personal information protection:
1.2.1. Personal Data detailed in the order form and the purposes of using the Data.  To order trainings, offered by “Dialogus” JSC, the Buyer voluntarily provides personal type data  of the person for whom the training is being ordered in the order form (hereinafter Personal Data). The Buyer provides: name of person, for whom the training is being ordered; surname of person, for whom the training is being ordered; E-mail address to which the login details for connecting training system will be sent; phone number needed to efficiently implement communication between the Buyer and the Seller; workplace (name of company that orders its employee the aviation security training). 
1.2.2. The Seller’s obligation to protect the Personal Data. The Seller is blinding not to disclose the Buyer’s Personal Data to a Third Party. The Buyer’s Personal Data can be disclosed to a Third Parties only complying with legislation of Republic of Lithuania. 

2. Buyer’s rights 
2.1. These Rules and order No 258 of Minister of Economy in August 17, 2001 “Order of minister of Economy on approval of Rules on marketing of products and delivery of services when contracts are concluded by means of distance communication“ and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania define the Buyer’s rights.
2.2. The Buyer has a right to listen to ordered trainings for unlimited number of times within 72 hours after log in to the training system. 
2.3. The Buyer has a right to retake the test one more time after he failed to pass the test for the first time. It has to be done within 72 hours after log in to the training system. Prior to retaking the test, the Buyer can listen to training or a part of training once again. 

3. Buyer’s obligations 
3.1. The Buyer hereby agrees not to use this Site or any content placed on it for any commercial purposes. Also, agrees not to reproduce, upload, republish, distribute, transmit, display nor copy any information placed on this Site or any other content manually or using robots, search servers, spider, scraper or other automated means.
3.2. The Buyer agrees not to transfer his/her login details to a Third Party. If the Buyer looses his/her login details he/she must inform the Seller by E-mail admin@dialogus.lt.
3.3. The Buyer agrees to follow the Rules and not to violate legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania when using http://distancelearning.dialogus.lt/ site.

4. Seller’s rights 
4.1. “Dialogus” JSC reserves the right to reject or stop any registration and to refuse or stop service to anyone in case when the Buyer tries to do harm for stability and safety of Site work or infringes his/her obligations. 
4.2. The Seller has other rights defined in Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. 

5. Seller’s obligations 
5.1. The Seller agrees to set up the possibility to use service of the Site http://distancelearning.dialogus.lt for the Buyer under conditions laid down in these Rules. 
5.2. The Seller agrees to provide login detail to connect to training system within 24 hours on working days after payment of service order. 

6. Prices, payment and terms of trainings 
6.1. Prices of trainings in the Site are listed in LTL, with VAT.
6.2. The Buyer pays for the trainings by bank transfer payment. When ordering training, you can choose a payment by a bank transfer. When ordering training you can choose to make a payment by bank transfer. At the end of the order you will be informed about the amount and what account should be the amount transferred to. The transfer can be made both online, via electronic banking system, or visiting any Bank branch and making a request for transfer. If an order is not paid within 48 hours after ordering, your order will be withdrawn.
6.3. The invoice will be issued after getting the details of your company and the number(s) of order to e-mail: admin@dialogus.lt. 

7. Testing procedure
7.1. It is prohibited to use information sources, information receiving and transmitting means and to talk to other persons during the test.
7.2. The theory test is passed if a student scores no less than 80% of total possible score. 
7.3. When all the test questions are answered or when remaining time is elapsed, a student will be immediately given the results of a test. The student is not introduced to mistakes he/she has done on the test. 
7.4. Remaining time of a test, total number of test questions and number of current question is always shown on a screen. 
7.5. The time for answering a particular question is not limited – total time of a test is being counted. When remaining time is elapsed, the test is stopped and correct answers are being counted. 
7.6. It is not possible to skip a question and go to the next question without marking the answer, or to return to previous question. 
7.7. If a test is passed, you can immediately print the certificate attesting the completion of training or to save it on your computer.
7.8. After a training a test can be taken twice. 

8. Responsibility
8.1. The Buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of Personal Data provided in order form. If the Buyer does not provide correct data on order form, the Seller is not responsible for the ensuing consequences.
8.2. The Buyer is responsible for his/her login details transmission to a Third Party. 
8.3. . The Seller is not responsible for loss, if the loss was due to the fact that the Buyer did not familiarized with these Rules, regardless of the Sellers recommendations and his/her own responsibilities, even though this option was granted.
8.4. In case of loss, the Party at fault indemnifies the other Party for the loss. 

9. Concluding provisions 
9.1. These Rules are made in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. 
9.2. All disputes arising in respect of the implementation of these rules will be resolved by negotiation. Failing an agreement, will be settled in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.